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  1. "Willow"

From the album 14th & Willow

"Willow is a song about hope.....about not just taking your place in line.....about hope for new beginnings......Every little things gonna' be Alright"


Trying to find the pieces to start picking up,
Complete this fuzzy puzzle picture,
Blurry in my minds eye, upon once a time that was,
Just trying to make a bid for change,
Pulling from a well thats slowly drying up,
I feel like we're circling the drain....

Willow willow will we, ever know what all it could be, or just take our place in line
Willow why won't we, find a better, newer game to play,, throw those old pieces away

You won't find no treasure buried deep if you don't dig,,
Some folks get more than they deserve,,
Promises are made sometime to break your heart and ease your mind,
You take that for what it's worth,,
Traces of the faces fade so be of faith don't be afraid,
Every little thing is going to be alright.

Willow willow I see a world of things that you could be,
So don't just take your place in line,
Willow willow won't you find a better, newer game to play,
Throw those old pieces away.....