Taste the Music 

Rock, Country, Soul, Ragaee, Jazz, Blues, EDM, Punk, Funk, Classical, Indie, Jam.......and on and on.
Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Pasta, Vegetables, Sushi, Indian, Chinese, German, Tai, Smoked, Sauteed......and on and on.

I like to draw the analogy between food and music. They both use human senses to appreciate....taste and hearing.

We are all well versed in the foods that we like, dislike, and love to the point that we share and learn how to make our favorites. I would submit that music is very similar in that we all have music that we love, hate, enjoy and favor. Recently The Bogart Jones Band played Summer Camp Music Festival 2016. There were so many diversitys of musical "Flavor" at the festival to enjoy. Some of the music I certainly like more than others but having an open mind to "taste test " the flavors and recipes allowed me to find new music that I really enjoy.

So enjoy your summer and do yourself a favor and try some different foods, flavors and music..... You might find something you really enjoy! 

G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) By R.Rose 4/17/16 


 My name is Ryan.. and I’m an addict.  

   No, not a drug, gambling, or booze addict. I am a GEAR JUNKY... Musical gear, specifically.  

     12 steps??? I’m probably somewhere round -4 and slipping. 

     Anyway, It all started innocent enough.. as a young child wasting away hours on end,  

     staring at the guitars, drum, basses, and amplifiers in the back of the Sears and JC Penny’s catalogs..  

     Which, a few years later, turned into loitering at all of the local music stores.  Where I learned about   effects pedals, microphones, and the “methadone” of the gear junky… THE GUITAR MAGAZINE. 

Which although educational, proved to just add more fuel to the fire. Which several years later,  

grew into a towering inferno with the advent of the internet and the intercontinental wormhole we know as EBay. Where the hours slip by at an alarming rate while scouring the globe for the next great deal on another great piece of gear that I probably don’t need… that usually gets flipped to finance another piece to the puzzle of the never ending search for THE tone, or more versatility, or whatever 

bullshit reason that you can manufacture in your head to justify your latest acquisition..   

                                          G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is real.. and I love it!!  

I guess its one of those things that helps to keep the spirit of that day dreaming child from drowning in the day to day of adulthood… and I personally, can find nothing wrong with that..   

      So I say.. Dream On little dude! Thanks for swimming like a champ!  

Champ? Yeah, That’s right, got to hit “the bay” and find a good deal on a re-cap kit for a 71’ Silver face! 

           Much Love, Peace, and Good Music to all my fellow junkies..  





Hey BOJO Family, Whats up? Just thought we would give you a little update...

Rehearsals are going great! We've been working hard on the live show and tweeking the little things that need be. We want the sound just like the record and we're pretty much there! We've been practicing in an old firehouse owned by Wes's brother and sister-in-law in St David, IL. The little town that Wes grew up in, population 400 maybe..haha. Built in the late 1800's with mile high ceilings, the place just oozes cool..Rehearsals have almost become a community event. People bring food and just hang out, listen to the band, drink a couple of beers and socialize. Last Sunday they got to witness the birth of a song. Curt had a riff, Wes had some words and a hook, the rest of the band joined in and about 20 minutes later, a song was born.

Everyone is really looking forward to getting the live show dialed in and getting back into the studio and creating some more great music. Thanks for all your love and support, this is just the beginning of our adventure! Until next time, Much love and peace be with you all!!